Should You Add Your Teen to Your Car Insurance Policy?

Feb 09, 2021

When a teenager learns to drive, their parents experience a mixture of emotions. There may be anxiety about your child’s safety, pride that they are becoming more independent, and relief that they will now be able to take themselves to school, work, or even a job. No matter what you are feeling, though, you will also need to begin thinking about the logistics of having another licensed driver in your household. In the state of Illinois, all licensed drivers need to carry liability insurance, even if they do not have a car. A reputable insurance agency can get you an auto insurance quote to help determine whether to add your growing child to your car insurance or get them their own policy.

When To Add A Teen To Your Car Insurance Policy
There are several factors to consider before adding your teenager to your auto insurance. Teenage drivers present a bigger risk for auto insurance companies as they have no driving or credit history to indicate how safe and responsible they are, so policies that include young drivers usually have higher premiums. If your teen is still financially dependent on you, will be driving your car, and lives at home, it is usually favorable to add them to your policy, especially if you will be footing the bill regardless. Teenagers cannot qualify for many types of insurance discounts like bundling, but there are other options available to save money. A good insurance agent can help you find an auto insurance company that offers discounts for teens who are good students or have attended a driving course that shows that they are safe drivers.
When To Get A Teen Their Own Car Insurance Policy
Though most teens (and their parents) benefit from a single-family policy, there are exceptions to every rule. A teen who works and will be purchasing a new vehicle in their name may benefit from having their own auto insurance policy. If your teen will be expected to cover their own driving-related expenses, it may be wise to help them to obtain their own policy while they have a clean record. An auto insurance quote will be helpful in determining what rates to expect. As circumstances change, rates can be adjusted if your teen will qualify for additional discounts due to having a good driving record. If your teen is away at college or has otherwise moved out of your home, they may be required to have their own policy, regardless of whose name is on the title of the car they drive. It is particularly important to understand the law and limitations of your policy if you and your teen live in different states. 
Get Car Insurance Quotes In Illinois
The above suggestions are simply general guidelines for and options for insuring teen drivers. Get an auto insurance quote from Oliver And Associates today. Our experienced agents can help you navigate the process and make the best decisions for your family. 

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