Starting a Family? How to Choose the Right Coverage for Your Needs

May 27, 2020

When you start a family, everything changes. Now, you have to think about more than just your own needs. You also have to consider what’s best for your whole family. Having the right insurance coverage is essential for anyone who’s preparing to start a family and for everyone who has other people relying on them for support.

Types of Insurance to Consider
Insurance is one of those things that you have to pay for even if you never use it. For this reason, some people think it might be more affordable to pay for things out-of-pocket, but that’s typically not the case. Even if one of your kids breaks an arm, your out-of-pocket expenses may be more than what it would cost to provide health insurance for your entire family for a whole year. In other words, insurance premiums are things you may not like to pay, but you’ll be happy you did if you ever need to file a claim.
In general, there are certain types of insurance you should prioritize getting if you’re going to start a family. These include health, life, auto, home and, possibly umbrella insurance.
Health Insurance
As its name implies, health insurance is designed to pay expenses related to keeping you in good health and restoring your physical and, depending on your policy, your psychological wellness as needed.
Life Insurance
This type of coverage is akin to income replacement coverage. While no one should profit off of your death, life insurance will provide your designated beneficiary with funds to cover your family’s expenses if you die and your income is no longer available to support your loved ones.
Auto Insurance
Car insurance is a type of coverage that includes several kinds of coverage within the same policy. Bodily injury liability, comprehensive physical damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist and collision are some of the types of coverage that might be included in an auto insurance policy.
Home Insurance
To put things simply, home insurance normally falls into one of three categories, homeowner’s, condo or renter’s insurance. All three include coverage for your personal property, but homeowner’s and condo insurance policies also include liability coverage.
Umbrella Insurance
Also known as a personal protector policy, umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage that extends beyond what’s included in your other insurance policies. It also provides coverage that may not be included in your other policies and it may cover your legal fees if you’re slapped with a lawsuit.
Reasons to Choose Our Southern Illinois Insurance Agency
Choosing the right coverage for you and your family starts with selecting a local insurance agency that understands all your needs. If you live in the Southern, IL area, the local agency you’re looking for is Oliver & Associates.
Being an independent insurance agency, Oliver & Associates has the privilege to work with a number of brand-name insurance providers. Since we work with a network of recognizable insurance companies, we’re able to find the specific products that will suit your needs perfectly, such as homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance.
We firmly believe that our valued clients are the reason our agency exists to serve the community we proudly share with you. Our agents will listen to your concerns, wants and needs to ensure you secure the coverage that will protect your family as well as your finances.
For personable service you can trust with your most important assets – including your family members, home, vehicle, health and life – you can count on our local, independent insurance agency. Contact Oliver & Associates to schedule a consultation now.

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